Job Description of Certified Nursing Assistant

It is essential that as an aspiring candidate you understand what a Certified Nursing Assistant’s job description entails, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) play a crucial role by providing information about health changes to other staff members. When applying for this job you are more likely to be asked to highlight  your qualification that will match up with the job description and also make you stand out from the other applicants. Equipping your resume to meet this qualifications gives you an upper hand in your job search. Below is a quick dive into the nursing world.


The functions of a Certified Nursing Assistant


As a Certified Nursing Assistants you support patients for medical personnel, functioning in various health care settings. You are responsible for bathing, dressing and feeding patients to keep hygienic conditions and comfort in good order. You also measure such vital signs as blood pressure or body temperature, and inform the nursing staff of any changes. Moreover, you help in the event of moving and walking; patients move easily and without danger. That is to say, you are responsible for making the environment clean and orderly. Such an ordered atmosphere makes it possible for you to provide better patient care.


Certified Nursing Assistant Job description


Your primary duty is to help those you are assisting with the everyday tasks such as taking showers, changing clothes and so on. Except do simple jobs, you also make important contributions to overall patient care for hospitals and other health institutions.


You do several activities in patient care so that each can receive individualized and comprehensive service. In fact, you are of great importance; you do a lot for the patients–everything from helping out with their daily activities to shopping and cooking.


You perform different duties to give full and individualized attention possible for patients, making them an irreplaceable member of care teams at hospitals as well as other institutions.


Certified Nursing Assistant Job responsibilities


  • Provide excellent patient care consistently.
  • Attend to patient calls promptly.
  • Assistance with everyday activities and personal hygiene.
  • Frequently roll bedbound people on their sides.
  • Keep the appropriate dietary schedule for patients.
  • Ask physicians, health assistants and nurses.
  • Log food, fluid, and yield.
  • Accurately monitor and record vital signs.
  • Take medical histories of patients.
  • Remind patients of medication schedules.
  • Note and report patient observations.
  • Upgraded about CNA training and policy.
  • Helping with bathing and other domestic chores.
  • Shift people from bed to wheelchair and back again.
  • Turning or repositioning of patients to prevent bed sores.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Skills


  • Interpersonal excellence.
  • Effective communication.
  • Collaboration skills.
  • Adaptive problem-solving.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Patient care knowledge.
  • Medical symptom awareness.
  • Physical strength.
  • First aid/CPR certified.
  • State CNA certification.
  • Nursing degree.
  • Independent thinker.
  • Fast-paced communication.
  • High school graduate.
  • Current identification.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • Personal hygiene.

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