How to Write a Career Change Resume in 2024

Congratulations on making the tough decision to switch careers! Before embarking on the daunting task of applying for jobs; rebuild and craft a resume that showcases your  previous work experiences and skills obtained. Show your potential employer why you need a career change, and what you will bring to the table that will add value to their company.

While typical resumes place a strong emphasis on work experience, career change resumes place a greater emphasis on transferable abilities and unique qualities. For this type of career change resume, a combination resume format is generally employed.

The following steps will aid you in revamping your existing resume to accommodate your career change in 2024:


1. Create a Career Summary or Objective

A resume summary briefly showcases your accomplishments that are relevant to the job you are applying for while a resume objective highlights how the skills you possess are relevant and how they will transition you to your new role. Include either one if you are going through a career change. A resume summary or objective helps your recruiter make a connection between your experience and the role you are eyeing.

2. Craft a skills summary section in your resume

This section gives you a chance to shine and show your competence. It is a must-have section for most if not all career changing resumes. You are able to put more emphasis on your skill set instead of your work experience. Create a list of the skills you want to incorporate and if possible provide examples of instances you employed the skill into action. For technical skills, ensure you highlight your proficiency with various industry tools and software.

3. Highlight relevant work experience

Use this section to include important work experiences that showcase your expertise and proficiency. Focus on the responsibilities that are relevant to the new job position that you are after. Remember to connect your work experience with the skills highlighted in your skills summary section. Consider transferable skills that will be relevant to your new position.

4. Draw attention to your Education section

Including this section on your resume is important since it demonstrates your academic abilities and commitment to learning. The Education section is extremely essential, especially for those with limited professional or work experience. Quote some of your tremendous academic achievements like your GPA or coursework completed. Add certifications that may be relevant to the position you are applying for.

5. Highlight any personal accomplishments and projects

Switching careers gives you a perfect opportunity to dedicate a section of your resume to your personal accomplishments and projects. These achievements could not be directly related to schoolwork, they could be volunteer projects with some of the best industry organizations and clubs. If included in your resume, ensure this section ties back to a skill relevant to the role in question.

6. Incorporate keywords

According to research, artificial Intelligence is used to match the job description languages to the language in resumes. Use keywords that will highlight skills required for your new job and make you recognizable to the Artificial Intelligence bots and recruiters. Research for keywords related to the job description skills and experience.

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Your career change journey begins with a strong and perfect resume. Career transitions often take time and require adequate preparation, tailoring your resume to accommodate your new career path is a strategic way of presenting yourself as a strong candidate to your hiring managers and potential employers. The tips above should help make your career change a seamless process and help you navigate the tiresome job market in 2024.

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