Four Types of Resumes: Which is Right for Your Job Search?

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As a job seeker, you face the dilemma of choosing between different types of resumes in the dynamic job market. The one-size-fits-all approach no longer addresses your unique circumstances, such as limited work experience or career pivots. What next?

This article will detail four essential types of resumes to help you land that interview and, inevitably, your dream job. Additionally, we will highlight the instances that best fit each resume type.

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Types of resumes

A resume summarises your work experience, educational background, and valuable skills. Here are four types of resumes and a detailed description of the job seeker they benefit. 

  • Chronological resume.
  • Functional resume.
  • Hybrid resume.
  • Targeted resume.  

These resume types follow similar formats, except functional resumes. Stick around to learn why. 


Chronological resume

A chronological resume presents your work experience as a timeline, starting with the most recent. It’s excellent for candidates with an extensive job history. 

Additionally, a chronological resume is suitable for mapping out your career trajectory. Doing so helps put in perspective how you’re progressing towards your career goals.

This type is unsuitable if you have significant employment gaps or are switching careers. A chronological resume will highlight your lack of work experience and make you an unattractive candidate. Instead, consider the next resume type. 


Functional resume

A functional resume is a type of resume that focuses on your skills and qualifications instead of your work history. Its most defining feature is a prominent skills section immediately after a summary statement. 

Here are scenarios where a functional resume may be the best choice. 

  • You’re making a career change.
  • You have considerable employment gaps. 
  • You’re a recent graduate with little to no work experience. 
  • You’re a freelancer.
  • You’re returning to the workforce after a long hiatus. 
  • You’re a short-term contract worker. 


Hybrid resume

A hybrid resume combines a chronological and functional resume. It aims to show you have an extensive work history and skills relevant to an application. 

Given its purpose, a hybrid resume would be excellent for the following scenarios.

  • You’re changing careers. A hybrid resume allows you to show you have relevant skills and sufficient work history, even if it’s not related to the targeted job. 
  • You’re an experienced professional. This resume type helps condense your extensive job history and accrued skills to keep your resume short. 
  • You have diverse skills related to different jobs. 
  • You have employment gaps. A hybrid resume ensures you shift the focus away from your work history without eliminating it. 


Targeted resume

A targeted resume is a document created for a specific job or industry. Unlike a one-size-fits-all resume, this resume type highlights the skills, experiences, and qualifications most relevant to a job description. Its purpose is to align yourself with a recruiter’s needs. 



The right resume type significantly influences your chances of getting an interview. The four resume types discussed in this article serve job seekers with varying career situations. 

The chronological resume shows a consistent work history and a linear career progression. Alternatively, a functional resume is best for highlighting skills when changing careers. It also helps draw attention away from significant employment gaps. 

The hybrid resume details your work history while emphasizing crucial skills. It helps leverage your experiences to pivot into new industries. A targeted resume best suits your application to a specific job opening. 

The trick to mastering each type of resume is to assess your strengths and experiences. Afterward, strategically align them with the recruiters’ expectations. If unsure of what works best, experiment with different resume types and seek peer feedback. 


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