3 Sample Emails That Will Get Your Resume Noticed in 2024

When applying for a job, the email you use to send your application is just as crucial as the resume itself. Job application emails work in synchrony with the documents submitted during the application process. A well-written email can determine whether your application will be considered further and more seriously by your recruiter or dismissed.

Because it is the first piece of writing your employer sees before reviewing your resume, a poorly written email might make a bad impression on the recruiter and limit your chances of getting the job. So, how can I craft an email that will catch my recruiter’s attention and set me apart from the crowd? 

Below are a few email writing tips and three sample emails that you can use as Inspiration that will guarantee your resume is noticed in 2024:

Tips on what to include in your email when submitting your resume in 2024

Most Individuals struggle when writing an email to accompany their resume even after completing the daunting task of updating and writing their resumes to perfection. These few tips will help you come up with the perfect email that will create a good first impression to your recruiter.

  • Ensure your subject line is simple, effective and efficient- make it clearly define the intent or purpose of the email.
  • Open with a greeting- address the recipient by name and establish a good rapport by making it feel personal.
  • Introduce yourself briefly- tell the hiring manager who you are and why you are getting in touch with them in the first paragraph. Express your interest in the job while at the same time be concise and clear/to the point.
  • Tell them what you bring to the table- say why you are passionate about the role and also what you have to offer the company.
  • Include a Call To Action- inform the recruiter that you are readily available, and you are open to further discussions.
  • Ensure your name is seen clearly and the attachments can be viewed by the third party, in this case your resume, mostly shared in PDF format for easier access.
  • Conclude with your professional signature and contact details.


Sample Emails to send with resumes for applications in 2024.

Fractions of people have come across job postings that specifically require them to send emails that accompany their resumes. Some employers are specific and keen to note what they want to be included when sending the job application email, whereas others require you to use your creativity and people skills when drafting the job application email.

Sample 1: Responding to a job posting.

Typically used when applying for a job posting in various industries, services, and professions.

To:(email of the recipient)

Subject: (Job title you are applying for)

Dear: (enter recipients name/hiring manager)


Hello, I came across your (advertised position name) job post opening on (source where you got the information, could be social media, advertisement, etc.) and it looks like a great venture for me in my career. Attached is a copy of my updated resume. I am very interested in this position.

I have enough experience considering my role at my previous company where I worked for a certain number of years (indicate number of years). The job description sits well with me, and I believe I have what it takes to fill this role. I am readily available for further queries, and I look forward to hearing from you soon enough!

Best regard,

(your official names)


Sample 2: Follow up after submitting your resume.


In cases where you have not heard back from your recruiter after submitting your job application.


To🙁 recipients’ email)

Subject: (Following up on the name of the job title application)

Dear (Hiring manager),

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to follow up on my application for (job title) which I submitted on (specific date)

I am highly motivated about the chance to join (company name) and share my skills, knowledge, and expertise with your team. I am confident enough that I have what it takes to fill this job position.

I look forward to speaking with you and I am grateful for your consideration!


(your name)

Sample 3: Reaching out directly to an organization.

Used when showing particular interest in a job position in a particular company that you would like to associate yourself with.

To: (recipient email address)

Subject: (Interested in working with -name of company)

Dear (Hiring manager),

I am writing this email to express my interest in various opportunities at (company). I have been a huge fan of this company and the work you do for some time now and I am always mesmerized with your commitment to empowering the community and upholding your (values and mission statements of the company).

As a greatly industrious individual with a keen touch for results and (number) years of experience in (a role you are good at), I believe I have what it takes to be part of your team and to be a great asset to (company’s name).

In my previous role at (former employer name), I (achievements and skills learned). I quickly adapt to new environments, and I promise to get the job done.

I am mostly interested in being of assistance to (specific area of the organization you fit in) and I believe my level of expertise will be greatly appreciated here.

I have attached my updated resume below for review and I relish the chance to discuss my opportunities more. Kindly let me know if you have any open positions that will be a good fit for me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(your name)

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Emails that accompany resumes during job application processes offer solid foundations and platforms for crafting compelling messages that will spark interest from your recruiters and hiring managers. This gives your resume a good chance for consideration and gives life to your job application. By following the tips above and using the samples provided, you increase your chances of securing that dream job in 2024.Our top-notch services will guarantee your email and resume are easily noticeable to your recruiter.

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